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Helping you get the compensation you need from a dog bite

Many dog bites occur in the home or in the presence of a homeowner. Most of the time, insurance is available to pay for the injury and any related medical bills, as well as scarring, pain, fright and lost wages.

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For strong advocacy of your legal rights, count on the Western Massachusetts law firm of Attorney Lee Dawn Daniel in which for decades, I've specialized in automobile accidents, pedestrian & bicycle

accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, and other claims. When left to resolve these matters with insurance companies on their own, most individuals have no idea of what is a reasonable settlement. My job is to help you obtain fair and appropriate compensation based on my experience in handling similar matters, not on what an insurance company wants to offer.

All “Bodily Injury Claims” at our law firm are handled on a “Contingent Fee” basis. This means that my legal fee for a “Bodily Injury Claim” is paid out of money recovered for you, whether by a settlement or a jury verdict, only when the case is successful. The fee is a percentage of the total amount recovered. The contingent fee system makes it possible for you to have the high quality legal representation provided by me and have the advantage of my decades of experience and solid reputation in the legal community without concern about payment of a legal fee.


In addition, while many firms require you to pay upfront costs and expenses, I won't ask you to pay for any costs or expenses unless and until your case is successfully resolved and you receive your compensation. This means that even though there may be expenses associated with obtaining a settlement or jury verdict, you will not be responsible for any expenses unless and until there is money recovered for you. If you do not receive compensation for your injuries, then you will never pay any legal fees or expenses to me.


I handle your case this way because I am very confident in my abilities and because I want to give all of my clients, regardless of their income level, equal access to the law and high quality legal services.