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Wage Loss

We provide outstanding representation for clients throughout Massachusetts. We offer assertive and results driven representation that gives our clients the best chance of a successful outcome. If you need the services of a wage and hour lawyer, you can depend on us. We are fully experienced and qualified to assist you with your legal concerns and we are available to provide you with a free consultation. You can expect personalized services and complete attention to detail throughout the duration of your case.


Comprehensive legal services


We offer comprehensive legal services that cover every aspect of your case. From assisting you with filing your claim to communicating with your employer on your behalf, we offer complete services to get you the help you need. As your wage loss attorney we will see to it that justice is served and you are repaid the amount you are owed. We will advocate on your behalf to get as much as you are allowed under law.  Contact us to discuss the details of your case and begin taking action to get the results you are due.


Let us fight for your rights today whether your employer has paid you less than minimum wage or you are not receiving your overtime compensation, we will see to it that justice is served.


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We can discuss the details of your case in a free consultation. We serve clients throughout Massachusetts including Greenfield, Northampton, and Gardner, MA. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist you including providing home and hospital visits. Give us a call for competent legal services today.

We are available

24 hours a day

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We can perform hospital and home visits.


FREE initial consultation and NO charges unless we succeed.